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Vendor / Exhibitor Acceptance Agreement 

ACCEPTABILITY OF EXHIBITS: All exhibits shall serve the interests of the exhibitors and attendees of the TBSM Leadership Conference and shall be operated in a way that will not detract from other exhibits or from the conference. 

Exhibit space will be reserved upon receipt of the application/conditions form. Exhibit space for which payment has not been received by that date may be canceled at the discretion of exhibit management.

The final layout of the exhibition area, depending on the number of exhibitors, will be at the sole discretion of conference management.

FAILURE TO OCCUPY SPACE: Any space not set-up two hours prior to the official opening of the exhibition may be forfeited by the exhibitor and this space may be resold, repositioned, or used by exhibition management without refund, unless arrangements for delayed occupancy have been made with prior approval by exhibition management. 

STORAGE AND HANDLING: Exhibitors must arrange for their own storage and handling of any material. All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNIFICATION: You are responsible for insuring the safety of your personnel and your exhibit materials from theft, damage, accident, fire and other such causes. Exhibitors who desire to carry insurance must do so at their own expense. All property of the exhibitors is understood to remain in their own care, custody, and control in transit to and from the confines of the exhibit area, as well as while it is on the floor. Security and storage space will not be provided. TBSM and their agents are not responsible for losses incurred, theft or damage to materials. Each Exhibitor is responsible for complying with all applicable federal, state, and local fire, health, and building statutes and codes (“Applicable Law”) during the period of the conference. Exhibitors are advised not to leave unattended valuables in their exhibits.

Recording of Sessions: Video or audio recording is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from TBSM.

Photograph Release: By submitting the Registration form, I hereby release any photographs that may incidentally be taken of me during events by TBSM to be used for any purpose.

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