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If a dream deferred makes the heart sick, then a dream realized makes the heart boast (Psalm 34:2-9). God gives the dream to us to be revealed through us. That's right! God desires to dream through us, and we do not have to bear the weight of our own provision. Our dreams are fully furnished, fully financed, fully equipped (2 Timothy 3:17). Ready to see your dreams come to pass? YES, YOU CAN! Lady Tammy echoes her husband's revelation YES, YOU CAN with a page turning edifying message of faith! Dr. Titus Stewart shows us how to harness the power of our minds to achieve our goals with this page-turning ministry resource tool, YES, YOU CAN! We learn how to go from "I can't" to "Yes, I Can" one page at a time, as Dr. Stewart systematically walks us through the process of reaching our goals using effective time management and strategic prayer. Featuring captivating testimonies, spirited experience, and inspirational advice, this book shows us how to maximize the moments in life that lead to the results God intended.

"Yes You Can"-Tammy Stewart

SKU: 9780999361726
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